Rules & Regulations

a) The college hour is from 9.15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

b) It is compulsory for all students to have the minimum affendance of 75% of total classes held.

c) Less than 75% attendance on the part of the student will be counted as non-collegiate. Such student will have to face disciplinary action decided by the College authority.

d) Students, failed to attend their classes for a weak. more on genuine grouds must apply immediately altar such absence with supported documents to the Principal for consideration the absence.

e) The students have to appear the Sessional Examinations conducted by concernd Departments.

  • The students admitted to the College must abide by all rules and regulations as prescribed by the College authority. Violation of rules must lead students to disciplinary actions like termination of schol¬≠arship, forced transfer, to make Non-collegiate or Dis-collegiate and even expulsion from the College.
  • Any form of ragging and mental harassment M the College premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Damaging, defecting, devaluing or destroying of any College properly will lead to penal action as deemed fit and proper by the College authority.
  • No student is allowed to keep sports goods, musical instrument of the College in his/her custody without the consent of the proper authority.
  • Smoking, taking gutkhas, tobacco, alcoholic items and drugs and spitting on wells or in the classroom are strictly prohibited in the College campus. If found such practices strong disciplinary action is the consequences.
  • Students must attend College in college uniform.
  • Students must bring the Identity Cards regularly and the same is to be produced when asked for. Use of mobile phones in the class room and on the verandah is strictly prohibited.
  • Making unnecessary hue and cry, blowing of vehicle horn In the College premises is strictly prohibited. Students are asked to look at the Notice Board soon after they arrive and leave the College to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of the College.
  • The students are asked to convey good cooperation with the faculty and staff regarding such matters which may harm the academic environment of the college.
  • Students are advised to innovate and execute the ideas with concerned Board/ Cell for the overall uplift of the College so that the College can attain glory in near future.